Wednesday, October 03, 2012

GPS - ESRI Portal? - Hello Melbourne

Sorry this is so late. I have checked through ESRI for some of the GIS use in the field I've done with AECOM on a temp basis, that is I'm hired usually for the field part of archaeology testing which has required civilian GPS on Federal DoD land that is changing as bases are reevaluated or "closed". I was just reading the FAA is in charge of disbursement in the civilian GPS and has been holding up some millions as of 2004 they were in charge of it. May change soon. I've worked a few places with Trimble units assisting. I have some older training in close-range photogrammetry (then in development by Rollei, pre-Windows, with an AutoCad "partner" Prometric Technologies of Canada, and archaeology firm of Grossman & Associates, Inc.) where we used it on an EPA National Priority Superfund site, "Marathon Battery" in historic Cold Spring, NY as a method of least contact recording. I've used early and later infrared transits (total station) and an early user of AutoCad in the 1980s-90s.

Thanks for asking, it helps to remember the past.

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