Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quest Helicopters AVQ: the shape of safety to come?

The whole compartment separates and parachutes as low as 300’. Designed in Ukraine, to be made in Dubai.

Corporate Jet Investor Nov 13, 2011

First US Navy helicopter model, the Piasecki HUP-2 “Retriever” found at “The Wings of Freedom Museum” adjacent to the former NAS-JRB (Naval Air Station – Joint Reserve Base), Willow Grove, Pennsylvania partly “closed” September, 2011, when US Navy and US Marine Corps squadrons moved to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. Renamed Horsham Air Guard Station, it keeps the 111th Fighter Wing of the Pennsylvania Air Guard, US Army Reserve and Pennsylvania Air National Guard.  Archaeology fieldwork was done there while closing and at part of the former closed Brewster Navy Airfield / Johnsville Naval Air Station /Warminster Naval Air Warfare Center (NJP), Warminster, PA (today in part Warminster Community Park) and former naval housing at “Shenandoah Woods” by my current part-time employer AECOM.

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