Monday, November 14, 2011

…Ambivalence Over NYPD Muslim Surveillance

7 hours ago (5:14 PM)

I watched the testimony of members of Islam to the NYC Council of Public Safety the other morning. They were without passports, that is, born here in Brooklyn mostly. They were concerned that the informants the police using were unreliable, i.e. one they know of, their houses of worship are open to everyone, had been in and out of mental hospitals. They wanted to be contacted, their organizations would cooperate and did not like reports of informants inflaming others. They also cited incidents of cab drivers being asked about their origin and where they worshiped, not your usual traffic stop. There seemed to me a need for more cooperation with those who are here. Worldwide mass communication was cited for some of the fears on behalf of Public Safety. There should be some community review process if there is none, in my opinion. Huffington Post link

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