Friday, September 09, 2011

Dan Rather: A History Lesson

My dad, a later Army enlistee, fifth of his brothers served in Italy. WWII was difficult to understand and what helped was television­. In the South Bronx, before Saturday cartoons, "The Big Picture" with footage of WWII, was on before "Modern Farmer." Outside, "the projects" the wrecking ball, swung at former houses. Under them, the US Capitol Dome was forged for President Lincoln. The Third Ave. El still stood and ran for a few more years, "legend" has the demolished scrap in Manhattan sold to the Japanese, who fired it back.

From the turbulent Korean War and into the "Vietnam War" era, a cousin, George Murray, became a director of "Huntley and Brinkley" and at NBC, in Saigon and Houston ("War and Space") became an award-winn­ing news producer, a­ccording to his friend, Edwin Newman. The noted news journalist and writer read a Mr. Murray's letter at the eulogy in the UN Chapel, cancelling by higher-ups­, the "common soldiers view" of Vietnam he had reporters working on. Mr. Murray last efforts was producing for CBS both party's convention­s of 1976.

Sept.11, 2001 I listened to a NJ music station that put on callers describing what they saw from across the Hudson River. Later I witnessed the large Johnson & Johnson wound research center close over a letter, also in the local press, nearby on a flood study of the Raritan River in Bridgewate­r, NJ. In the "anthrax" case, many are convinced they did not get, the "right guy".

Dan Rather: A History Lesson  - Huffington Post

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