Sunday, September 11, 2011

Riverhead Patch Question: What Do You Think of the Suffolk Theatre's Renovations?

At the end of a summer going door-to-door selling "Public Citizen" subscriptions for NYPIRG, out of what is now the St. James Water Authority office, we had a treat at the old Riverhead Theatre. Trying to raise awareness on water quality issues in Suffolk County back then, Pete Seeger and a friend gave us a concert in the old theater. Since, I've had my eye on it over the years, thinking it should be some sort of landmark of the people, despite that in the 1980s the "Young Republicans" attacked that small part of student activities fees that went to NYPIRG, creating a job for this grad student at Stony Brook U. It's great to hear it’s finally preserved. There's one in Smithtown I was told designed by a famous team of architects, though a smaller version of the grand venues of Broadway. Riverhead Patch

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