Thursday, August 04, 2011

Willow Grove, PA

CO's HousePatrol Road, "Shenandoah Woods"Shovel testingBark carvingFawnFawn
Shovel testing.Old artifacts.Old artifacts.Rip-rapFlood controlStorm drains
Water drainFormer store.Building 121"Call Before You Dig"Orion DriveStorm drain
Water manifold.ValveFormer gate2011-06-27T18-49-32Surface finds.Dressed stone

Willow Grove, PA, a set on Flickr.

Interesting place in the course of human aerial and other events.

Via Flickr:
Part of a larger archaeology testing of the Naval Air Station Willow Grove, PA as the US Navy turns over some properties for other uses. Site of the development of the Pitcairn-Cierva Autogyro and successful airmail carriers before sale of field to US by Harold Pitcairn. Research here also led to numerous developments in aviation and aerospace, i.e., in navigation, GPS. A rented Trimble GeoXH GPS with ESRI ArcPad for GIS integration and recording of tests and features was used.

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