Friday, May 13, 2011

Sent to Dick Cavett…

5/8/2011 12:26:36 PM
It's been said (O sage bin sammies) history never repeats itself, and when it does it's a tragedy (attributed to the newspaper writer K. Marx) and I read recently of a similar event that led to tragedy. It's been shown that Nazi operatives dressed as Polish troops on the Polish frontier and then fired (allegedly) at the Germans on the German side of the border leading to the invasion. It did not help that a very large loan from Great Britain was withdrawn from Poland, to modernize its military, still mostly on horseback. Al Qaeda sometimes reminds us of the sometimes duplicity of commitments, inviting the US and others to venture forth on expeditionary efforts as in the 1930s. Haven't we learned to work in other ways yet? Apparently not as long as it fuels out military-industrial complex, President Eisenhower warned us about.

File under some off-hand writing, without outline of direction, by one who works in American archaeology, digging holes, in what we might think sacred ground, i.e., burials in City Hall Park, JP Morgan's summer-place now Bowdoin Park, Jay Gould's former grounds that became Sisters of Mercy, Fort McHenry, MD, parade ground burial(s) in Sackets Harbor, NY, where President Grant was first assigned after West Point (there too), who served later at Governors Island as a captain, etc., site of the military's first "flight school" run by Wilbur Wright.

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