Sunday, May 08, 2011

From "Archaeology News"

Archaeologists are investigating a boat-building site on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, where they have found 1,000-year-old boat timbers and a canal. – Archaeology
Just above this entry is more on the Captain Kidd abandoned wreck the Quedagh Merchant to be dedicated as a "Living Museum of the Sea" later this month, researched by the Dominican Republic and Indiana University. I once worked near Hanover Square in Lower Manhattan on the early archaeology of Manhattan, ("7 Hanover Square") on Pearl Street, nearby the Kidd property and the Livingston's whose wife the captain allegedly attempted to win favor with, giving her a large ring, according to the legend, from an India princess's dowry, the reason such treasures were aboard the "East Indies" captured ship. The modern-day Lady Kidd, as I recall was Princess Diana's mum, and the former mother-in-law of Prince Charles of Great Britain. One might hope for more 'Living Museums of the Sea" in the future.

An early salvage operation of wooden ship in England, is online here, circa 1970: GRAVENEY BOAT

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