Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque: What's It Mean to You?

The week before, WABC-TV ran a public service show about the "reality" of the claims mayoral candidates were making in an upcoming primary, to be held on 9/11/01. Each was asked what they'd do with a "windfall" the City was about to receive from sale of the World Trade Center, at the end of other questions, rated possible or impossible by a number of reporters. One candidate would build the low and middle income housing promised and originally negotiated for de-mapping the streets and placing the WTC in sole ownership of the NY/NJ Port Authority. He didn't get my vote, nor any others that day of the primary, 09/11/01.

A company, Ebasco, a large Texas-based power plant designer, with a division Envirosphere I worked for, was once at 40 Rector St., until it threatened to leave the city and was given free rent for 1 and 1/2 years in the WTC by then Mayor Koch, according to a sad secretary blogging just after 9/11. She was on floor 79, I worked on floor 93 or so, they left before 9/11. Envirosphere tested for archaeological resources at Fort Drum, NY, part of bringing the US Army 10th Mountain Division from Camp Hale, Colorado. I later worked at 50 Trinity Place, since torn down, across the street from 40 Rector St. and continued on in public archaeology.

I live near the Muslim Center in the Bronx, and to this day, wonder how many Muslims were killed by Saudis from Germany in their evil suicidal attack? One shouldn't count, we should heal the wounds. An “anthrax” letter closed Johnson & Johnson's large wound research center near Bridgewater, NJ, where I was digging shovel tests, required after Hurricane Floyd damages, there and at the West Point Military Academy for another CRM (“cultural resources management”) firm.

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Note: What it will never look like: Overlooking the Mosque from the Tarut Fort, Tarut Island, Saudi Arabia. Interesting place, reminds me of all the different peoples and cultures that have arrived on Manhattan.

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