Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sarah Palin, "Mama Grizzlies," Carl Jung, and the Power of Archetypes

In the Libby Museum on Lake Winnipesaukee ("smile of the Great Spirit") in Wolfeboro, NH, "America's Oldest Resort" celebrating 250 years since royal Governor Wentworth summered from Portsmouth to the Lakes Region, is an interesting exhibit case of three skeletons: a human, a bear and an orangutan. As they are standing there is a striking similarity between the human and the bear, except for the bear head which is decidedly "canine". If they're standing like grizzlies I imagine the country going to the proverbial "dogs"! After the American Revolution John Wentworth was Governor of Nova Scotia, the only political survivor, though his accuser of nepotism, Peter Livius was appointed one of the chief justices of Canada.

Nearby in Wolfeboro Falls is another interesting museum the Wright Museum of World War II, designed by the consultant who designed the Holocaust Museum in D.C. I say that because to the contrary, Carl G. Jung worked for the Allies, not for the Axis as had been alleged. It's also reported that the former US Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Dole and wife live in Wolfeboro, purchasing a judge's place, a friend they often visited. It would explain the former VP Dan Quayle sighting in town before a presidential primary past, perhaps the one the Patrick Buchanan, won over George W. Bush then.

Seems silly, bears are often shot when they become problems, lately some have attacked people. It's also thought in prehistory that they may have passed syphilis over to humans, where children huddled together for warmth and the remains of bears kept nearby, bears thought the vector. Thought fearsome, the largest predator on Earth is the Polar Bear, theory changes where they were found, grizzlies, that is, earlier in the inter-montane Rocky Mountains area thought to be where the earliest of settlers had come from today's Alaska, putting a more "coastal migration" back in the lead for the "good, better, best" theory of settlement of the Western Hemisphere. Long may it wave on the flag of the State of California. It's indirectly on the State of Alaska's flag, the "Great Bear" Ursa Major or the "Big Dipper" or "Plough, Drinking Gourd" a guide to Polaris, the North Star, off its lip.

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