Saturday, July 17, 2010

WTC Ship Continues To Be Uncovered, Studied

One ship the "Defence" scuttled in Maine rather than fall into British Navy hands helped settle a date on a particular ceramic called "pearl ware" from its bluish tinge. Corroborated with Pluckemin, NJ finds of the same, where American troops bivouacked for a known short time, pushed the considered beginning date of manufacture back to an earlier date (or TPQ "date after which" terminus post quem as archaeology uses it) with a third such site, helping to understand early trade and dating of sites which have no written records, some still being discovered. In 1982, the ship find next to the South Street Historic district, it was considered "a trailer truck of the 18th Century" about which we know little but much about military ships and their history. I helped find, map and catalog its parts and the ceramic part of the fill it was used for creating 175 Water Street, once between "ballast masters".
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