Monday, May 31, 2010

Universal Studios Streets Of Fire – The Phoenix Project Pt II – Rebirth «

Astounding! Breathless! A “piece of the action” and a new “Dick Tracy”? Maybe they could work in a Columbia University dissertation found in Gloria Swanson's collection at the Harry Ransom Center, at The University of Texas at Austin: Raymond Witham Daum (archivist, Gloria Swanson Archives, 1980-1982) Dissertation (Columbia Univ.), 1976, “A Film Study of Some Aspects of Urban and Rural Communities of a Twentieth Century American Indian Group: The Mohawks of Caughnawaga and New York City” and 2″ Video, 1 item, “To Be an Indian” dedicated to Gloria Swanson, 55 min. How about “Under A Killing Moon”? or work in the “top offs” that native Mohawks in the past had when the steel work was finished on the skyscraper or other structure they work on. Looks ready for its closeup.

Robert Gardiner, a last direct descendant of the Gardiner's Island Manor, the last intact one in North America, told me once that Gloria Swanson once told him she said it would take a “Vivian Leigh” to play his great-aunt's story, First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler, a very young bride of an “old” President, after her father, US Senator Gardiner, two Cabinet members and others perished after the “Peacemaker” exploded saluting George Washington's Mount Vernon on the Potomac River on the USS Princeton, the modern one he served on in WWII. The “Peacemaker” was cast in an “English” forge, at least they affected that in their elaborate crest on their carriages he said, on the West-side of Manhattan, which was once archaeologically tested, for Donald Trump's proposed “TV City” in a company I worked for. It was where the largest crankshaft single casting for an ocean going vessel's engine was once made, and the first as a “freebie” if it proved viable, “out-ranging” most cannon of the time, as the British Navy once did in the bombardment of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.

How about a film about “The Rose Of Long Island”? The “Siege of Richmond” actually stopped long enough, after former President Tyler, for the Confederacy, died in Richmond, Virginia, she had ridden all night having a vision of his passing on, and shooting on both sides stopped long enough for her entourage to cross lines out of respect for the death. She returned to New York City, where she later lived on Staten Island. She was also involved in a large lawsuit over a contested will, involving large properties in Manhattan, which became a law school question for Robert Gardiner he denied though it referred to his surname. Wills had not generally been contested before.

Sorry, I got carried away…Captain Kidd's treasure was dug up by the British in the end of the 19th century from Gardiner's Island, he according to one historian, “the most maligned character in history” as Captain Kidd had a map on his person when hung and it was before there was a USA, all criminals property is property of the Crown, Mr. Gardiner told me he had researched in England. I heard it was used, an India's princess's dowry, to build a seaman's hospital and home in London, England on PBS.

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