Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sting "Let's End the War on Drugs" - Huffington Post

I belong to the DPA. I was once served "Her Majesty's Search Warrant" which gives agents the legal basis to search any person, boat or dwelling upon suspicion of the involvement in the drug trade in Canada. Recently there, a house was burned down, by vigilantes, on suspicion its occupant was dealing in "crack". Strip searched at the border, the driver an occupant in a car full of mostly strangers, ended up, on the US side, having to buy back a "clunker" from the US at "book value" seized after a passenger was found with a tiny amount of drugs (?) in their underware and the cars occupants found "in concert".

I've also been at the US border my pack materials taken apart while large RV's, towing boats, come in declare 3000 rounds of hunting rifle ammo and go sailing through Customs. Renting a vehicle in Canada will also get you inspected a bond assuring the US you're not taking jobs away from America by using it, and told pollution controls are lax over there. Back during then President Nixon's term, our borders used to declare, "Patience please, a drug free America comes first". Today they should say, "Please, free America first". Huffington Post

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