Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jimmy Hoffa Mystery Could Be Buried With Giants Stadium

They've had backhoes on a horse farm and other places, why not look where someone said, on the stand? Working in public archaeology it's often a passersby question. His son, James P. Hoffa, is the current president of the Teamster's union, a lawyer, and his sister, a judge.

The previous Teamster president Ron Carey was a Queens United Parcel driver from Local 804. My father belonged to that local, and many were in the United Parcel Service furniture division, for Macy's, A&S, and other stores in New York City. They stopped and A&S stores had Leaseway, Inc., the blue new car carrier, down under the Manhattan Bridge for furniture delivery. I worked night loading and sometimes delivery with them, my father a router. Mr. Carey ran on cleaning the Teamsters up, a calumny while he last ran, proven innocent after the loss. Mr. James P. Hoffa, also writes in Huffington Post. (Hyperlink to Giants Stadium article)

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