Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Endangered whale birth photos taken near Navy site - AP

"Right" whales were called that because, harpooned, they float instead of sink. They swim up the East Coast to the Bay of Fundy, a nursery recorded off Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Early DNA studies were done of the pod, collecting a plug of skin for DNA samples with a crossbow and small bolt attached to a line and recording outward characteristics, by Guelph University in Canada back in the late 1980s there when I visited. I see also there's a system of buoys that record their comings-and-goings off Massachusetts, so that ships can be warned. There was some consternation, because of the technicality when Congress "declared war" that no shipping could be ordered to slow down by the US Coast Guard, it was reported. Perhaps, as done on other military sites, a specific "penalty" or obstacle could be a part of, or worked into the training at the very least, for avoidance, i.e. paleolithic surface sites, "tank minefields", endangered species areas "off limits", or a continuation of the buoy system in place further up the coast.  Endangered whale birth photos taken near Navy site - Yahoo News

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