Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re: Sunday Roundup

I recall with horror, working on the archaeology testing of the woodlands next to the Iwo Jima Trail at the US Marine Corps College at Quantico, VA, the massacre of 32 students at Virginia Tech while there, now three years ago, the shooter took his own life. I don't think he thought of the "death penalty" as something that deterred him. In New York City, it was thought that perhaps his parents, in the dry cleaning business, had inadvertently, using a cleaning agent now banned by law and the EPA, had exposed him to too many cleaning vapors.

By the way, Iwo Jima Trail (from Iwo To), is in an area once occupied by the Confederates in an attempt to control the Potomac River below Washington in the Civil War, semi-subterranean circular shelters running up and down ridge-lines under the old large tree canopy. They decided to raise the radar rather than cut down the trees I heard.
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