Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rahm Emanuel Reveals His Horrific Middle Finger Story

I did something similar to both middle fingers, though I have them, cleaning liverwurst from a slicing machine in Zum Zum, a once fairly popular Bavarian "theme" fast-food franchise restaurant in NY (Restaurant Associates, Inc., PanAm building, Washington Square, Montreal, etc., with most locations serving "Hell" or "Dunkel" beer (light or dark)) They had 3 different kinds of grilled frankfurters, regular, bauernwurst, and bratwurst w sauerkraut or onions, hot potato salad and other foods, sandwich board, soup, pastry, etc. Rumor was the crooks at the state liquor licensing bureau, former FBI employees, didn't know the owner, then a partner in the now NYC Landmark "Four Seasons" knew four out of five of the NYC District Attorneys and had his degree from Cornell School of Hotel Management! (pre "The Sting"). My middle fingers survived, one after a prompt stitch, and both after hospital inspection. Watch those Hobarts! Rahm Emanuel Reveals His Horrific Middle Finger Story

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