Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Challenger space shuttle disaster amateur video discovered after 24 years

I recall shooting video with a Sony Portapak in 1974 of a dancer in a racquetball court and interviewing people at the Watkins Glen Music Festival also in 1974, and video was rarer then, introduced in 1967. I helped a person for a class at the Media Center in Buffalo, NY which was a publicly funded space for film and video, where Paul Sharits, Hollis Frampton and others showed and taught film, film analysis and the nascent video arts were being explored.

Yesterday I opened up an old VHS tape "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" inside an offer for an Official Medallion "Remember The Seven" which states on the reverse: "The cast and crew of Star Trek wish to dedicate this film to the men and women of the spaceship Challenger, their courageous spirit shall live on in the 23rd century and beyond" - Paramount Pictures 1986

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