Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iran Is Said to Begin Nuclear Enrichment –NY Times

Back in the Iran, pre-1979, (USSR was a border) the US had a compound of over 3000 Grumman employees working on the 80 F-14 "Tomcats" the Shah's government had taken delivery of, made mostly on Long Island. Some have said that American Expeditionary force of the 1930's led by General Schwarzkopf's father put that system of government in power. He was later the Federal agent in charge of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping investigation I've read. I was over to wish the F-14's test pilot a belated happy birthday, when while we were watching "Ishi the last native of California" or something, the news relayed that we were prepared to blow-up every F-14 if the USSR made a move interpreted as an invasion of the sovereign nation of Iran. He thought it was over the air-to-air missile technology, which taken by the "Russians" would upset the balance of power in the air, and they already knew much about the F-14. His wife is an anthropologist who had been to Iran and a fellow graduate student at the time.

The US sold the first commercial nuclear power station to Switzerland back in the late 1950's I recall. I wonder after the student began revolution, they reportedly did not like being spied on by Savak, while in school in the US, and going home to find political repercussions alleged from overseas reports, which Henry Kissinger said he could do nothing about when asked, if they are seeking the same parity provided other nations and perhaps some closure on the US Navy's Aegis mistaken "shoot-down" of a commercial jetliner full of pilgrims for Mecca, which the Reagan administration paid quite a lot of money quickly for, compared to other air disasters.

To continue using my experience as a student at Stony Brook University, aforementioned event location, I was also allowed to watch the neutron activation trace element analyses of turquoise samples from ancient mines in the American southwest as part of a National Science Foundation grant. The Aztecs traded apparently with the native "American" prehistorically. The "atomic pile" used for this is at the Brookhaven National Lab, nearby and the peaceful use of atomic energy an important part of much of today’s modern archaeology, what Iran has many resources in, i.e. worlds oldest textiles, etc., that can benefit from this type of research as we do, C14, neutron activation in all materials sciences, another national center recently opened, and to be relegated to "stone age" a type of hubris of the West.

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