Sunday, September 06, 2009

'William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe" is Great History

One case I was on the periphery of, that William Kunstler was involved in, was the charge of "racism" in the school district I attended by a Blackfoot native American who was a former personnel director at Maimonides Hospital, who in a commuter accident, however, that put her in a wheelchair, in the early 1970s. Her youngest daughter wrote about her discovery of her native roots for a former English teacher I once had who reportedly commented on her paper "I have an uncle who is a Wampanoag and he says the Indians got what they deserved" to which the mother responded as a charge of "racism" against the school, which William Kunstler also became involved in. She later, with the assistance of Running Bear, returned to the Blackfoot reservation and it seems access for the handicapped also got a little better in the nation. I had worked at a Zum Zum in the Smithaven Mall with two of her daughters.

My favorite case he handled was the native American who unknowingly courted an East German spy. They were going to hang him during the end of the "Cold War" stationed as he was in what was West Germany today the unified country of Germany.
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