Friday, July 24, 2009

Talking about Newsvine - Cities Rediscover Waterways They Paved Over

Newsvine - Cities Rediscover Waterways They Paved Over

Back in the '90s, when the Yonkers redevelopment was gettin' off the ground, hometown of Ella Fitzgerald, a statue there in her memory, one of the proposals for the "second largest sugar refinery in the world" where Otis Elevator had started, elevators and flush toilets would bring the architecture era as we know it to bear, was for a "co-generation" plant that would connect by underground cable to the Dunwoodie power grid site. It presented some interesting problems for the required archaeology review due to the ground filling and the proposed "snaking" of the cable under intersections without impeding traffic. Not sure if it went anywhere, the parties could not agree on the sale price per kilowatt. The first successful American operetta, written by the "Pied Piper of Catherine Slip" a "Setauketeer" from Setauket, NY, Micah Hawkins, was entitled "A Saw Mill River, or a Yankee Trick" said to have been done in part in "blackface". Micah Hawkins used to play the pianoforte under the counter of his store on Catherine Slip in Manhattan for customers, his wife from a family of New Jersey carriage makers and wrote many pieces often patriotic.

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