Friday, July 24, 2009

Talking about Lunar Pioneer: The Pet Moon Rock flies again

Lunar Pioneer: The Pet Moon Rock flies again

I once visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, working on the nearby Watervliet Shaker cemetery site for their "Power and Light" research facility then proposed and was amazed, besides the breadth of the exhibits there, the fact that a small piece of the Wright brothers plane that flew at Kitty Hawk, NC, had been left on the Moon as part of the Apollo program. I had met one of the directors of the Long Island, NY "Cradle of Aviation" a former F-14 test pilot when we were to blow all 80 of them up outside Tehran, Iran, where the Grumman Corporation, the LEM builders, had over 3000 employees teaching the Iranians how to fly and service the F-14 back in 1979 under the Shah. I recall they made a bid for the Mir space station before it was forced down. I worked in close-range photogrammetry for a while, and one of the spin offs of the lunar laser measuring project, beside the haze compensation was a 3D application on the desktop that was promoted by the Road Scholar software firm, creating wireframe from photos. A similar though down-to-earth application is the infrared "total stations" surveyors use, that I used in archaeology recording, a "corner prism" application.

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