Monday, June 29, 2009

Ask About the Statue of Liberty - City Room Blog -

Hello. My grandmother Margaret Gregory was said to have been a nanny for the caretaker’s children at the Statue of Liberty and they used call her “Bedloe’s Nanny”. She went on to raise eleven kids on Water St., a part replaced by the City’s first projects, the Alfred E. Smith Houses and they moved to the Bronx. Nearby, where Mr. Smith grew up, across the street, was a Mayflower Society’s monument to Isaac Allerton, who had a warehouse in New Amsterdam and a house in New Haven, CT a major street in the Bronx named after him, and the exit between the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.

Oops. My question for the “world’s first electrically lit lighthouse” (Snapple cap) is how do the caretaker’s kids get their education today? Do they take a boat to school everyday?

Ask About the Statue of Liberty - City Room Blog -

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