Friday, July 31, 2009

Newsvine - Neanderthals made mammoth jerky

Why do they leave out what was once touted as "Nature's First Flower Children" the Neanderthal burials found in Iraq in Shanidar Cave by Ralph Solecki? The presence of flower pollen in the burials suggested to some the ritual burial of Neanderthals and accompanying flowers back then. It seems important enough to consider the cave in the Zagros Mountains, actually between Iraq and Iran and east of the "Fertile Crescent" that there would at least be some inclusion in the discussion. After all the specimens are not like the "Tabor child" jaw bone found in Canada and thought from a juvenile at first analysis to be from a Neanderthal in North America, but washed into the river from some unknown provenience in the local eroded rock along the river. It was a hand-out at one of the American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings, not sure if it was the one "streaked". I once worked on some historic archaeological materials from the Coopers Dam Park in New Jersey in his lab at Columbia University years ago before he went to teach in Texas as part of the dam improvement where there had been a chair factory.
Newsvine - Neanderthals made mammoth jerky
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