Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Speech To Princeton's Class of 2009

Funny speech, and having spent months in the Princeton Nursery and the RCA David Saranoff Center - a General in WWII - digging hundreds of archaeology test holes, an appropriate choice by location. After all they were working on HDTV over there at RCA and not far behind it is Grovers Mills, where on that fateful Halloween, actor/director/producer Orson Welles had the Martians land there in "The War of the Worlds". Nearby is the headquarters of the even scarier Princeton Testing where all the tests come from that students take to get into various places. I think Charlie Gibson's wife's a dean nearby too. The tiny diner is now inside the Smithsonian that was once there. I once attended a "Computers and Archaeology" conference in Forbes College - which has a cafeteria! Very rare as Ms. Couric referring to her peripatetic travel for nourishment around the campus, Albert Einstein once lived near. Back when Brooke Shields was a student, I recall most students had to be in "dinner clubs". I sat next to Anna Roosevelt, an archaeologist working in Brazil on Marajo, an island the size of Indiana, a small company I worked for had helped map a mound there back in the 1980s with new "off-the-shelf" technology. She is former President Theodore Roosevelt's grand-daughter. I also listened to Hillary Clinton's speech on foreign policy she once gave at Princeton before she began her campaign. Good choice Princeton! Glad you changed your name from Stony Brook!

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