Saturday, May 30, 2009

Newsvine - Hundreds march for gay marriage in central Calif.

I am a New Yorker and I found the past California ballot to be confusing after-the-fact as there were a number of propositions, not just "8", to be voted on. Here in New York we only had one, as to whether military veterans should be given advantages when evaluated as employees to be hired by the State of New York, which passed. It was never discussed, nor was any information mailed, as had other information in other elections on other matters, nor did it appear in the major newspapers of New York City. It was also confusing to read in the lower right corner of the 1960s voting machine which no longer worked as it once did, the handle you move used to open and close the curtain, ensuring your privacy in the voting and a reassuring opening of the curtain meant "symbolically" that your vote had been cast and counted. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case on these machines that probably recorded the vote that elected President JFK. I like to think "9/11" a NYC "primary day" where all parties get voted on, might have kept a few people perhaps late to work in the World Trade Center. "9/11" also unfortunately removed some ballot issues leaving the mailed "Voting Guide" without connection to ballots later presented as I recall in the aftermath. I think the California vote should have not been grouped as the issues were "collectivized" in the voter's mind not allowing a clear choice for one or the other and muddled the choice.

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