Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rare Woody Guthrie bootleg album surfaces

Like a bird on a wire...

Many of the old folk and blues music recordings in the archives were done on the wire recorder by Alan Lomax. This is so good to hear. I had a friend who years ago, a woman folksinger, I think told me Mrs. Guthrie had heard the shots from her small apartment in the Dakota that killed John Lennon. I still remember her playing on the Hudson River sailing sloop Clearwater full of pumpkins down at the Seaport. I once sailed on the Clearwater out of Port Jefferson for a sunset cruise on Long Island Sound. We had a concert in Riverhead one summer after selling "Public Citizen" mag subscriptions for NYPIRG in St. James on "water issues" and Pete Seegar and another musician gave us a treat of a concert in the old Riverhead Theater, Gee whiz I hope somebody recorded it! I found my life revolving around the archaeology of the Hudson River after that. I haven't been to the "Tear in the Clouds" though.

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