Sunday, March 29, 2009

Huffington Post Launches Investigative Journalism Venture

Bravo! Just what the current events of today need, forensic analyses reported by journalists, held to standards one will hope. A branch of anthropology, economic anthropology, studies markets in different cultures, one I met, once escaped Tibet on horseback, studying their market, cut short by a Chinese invasion. This endeavor has much to do, so it seems from various websites I've seen. Considering that the former President George W. Bush fired the head of the US Army, he was on the board of Enron, and that it wasn't until 2/3/1949 on Governors Island, NY that enlisted soldiers were allowed to sit as members of the court in court martial trials in the U.S., there is much to decipher in the current economic climate that will take alot of savvy to get to, so I hope they don't forget our troops, who have been there and seen that who might be able to provide information.

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