Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!' - Huffington Post

Maybe they should have took her to Cape Maisi (Columbus wrote it then Maysi) "around the corner" where in 1871 "Wanderer" sunk in a storm. It had been built as a luxury yacht in Setauket, NY sold to a Louisiana cotton merchant's broker, outfitted with trans-Atlantic crossing water tanks in Port Jefferson, NY was intercepted by the British Navy Anti-Slavery Blockade, thought too luxurious, then landed with a slave cargo, of which 1/3 were lost in the crossing, on Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1858. Later captured by the Union it was used as a very fast mail packet after used as a blockade runner by the Confederacy, a "chess piece" in the War Between the States. I find a parallel between the Executive Branch buying over a score of jets, flying them into other countries, using countries on the way that would object if told, and drugging confining and in "extraordinary rendition" delivered to countries that have no qualms about torture. Oh yeah, and some were taken to Guantanamo, Cuba.who upon release become the "terrorist cadre" we thought to avert."Wanderer" sank in the "fruit trade".

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