Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reid: Justice Roberts Lied To Us

If he did, I hope it wasn't about his brother-in-law who perished when he crashed off the Tappan Zee Bridge in a Land Rover into the Hudson River. His wife grew up right nearby here in the Bronx, NY, a friend of a friend. I was alarmed to hear that the Chief Justice has had a few seizures and perhaps for his own medical safety, he might be considering resigning as Justice Ginsberg has opened the rumor "door" to someone leaving. She must be a little lonely the only woman on the bench, we did once have two. Not to many people, though more these days get out to Governors Island in NYC's harbor, where I once worked in geoarchaeology for a short week, but it has always given me a chuckle to think that Fort Jay there named after the First Chief Justice John Jay, whose farm in Westchester is a delightful visit, was built, the sign it says, by appreciative Columbia University students, formerly of Kings College.

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