Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Tooth Fairy « Drex Files

The Tooth Fairy « Drex Files

Wow! That’s interesting. I really enjoyed the film as of course in retrospect it has spawned a number of others. I really liked how they worked the actress in to the scenes, the blind woman in the darkroom. A lot of careers seem to have started in the film. I have worked a bit in Rollei close-range photogrammetry a number of years ago, which is used for forensic investigation though me, in archaeology recording. A documented camera and lens and specialized software allow a number of photos to be combined on a digitizing tablet, with those little “crosses” you sometimes see in space photos, the film actually held against the glass in the camera, digital today, and any anomalies and spherical stretching is computer (80386 + 80387 then) removed so that one might measure inside the photo(s) and record 3D dimensions for dxf files. The British were last I heard using it for some traffic accident investigations. The Canadians (Andrew Lane) of Prometric Technologies that taught it to me still in German development, used it in “as-built” drawings of standing historic structures, First Nation petroglyph recording and were trying to sell it to the US FBI (blood-spatter studies, air crashes, etc.) some of which has been replaced by Lidar, the laser scanners, one used on the WTC-9/11 site in the air to map that disaster. While they were showing us near Cold Spring, NY, Avianca Flight 52, due to a language problem, crashed into Cove Neck, Long Island after running out of fuel in January 1990.

Interesting, the National Park Service site at St. Paul’s Church in Westchester, NY, partly inside NYC, was where they have a small “Freedom of the Press” site commemorating the election on the green that led to the trial of John Peter Zenger and his acquittal, having the second printing press in the colony. The church has the “sister” bell of the Liberty Bell. A small monument, a “swivel gun” is on Governors Island for Zenger’s arrival from the German Palatine as a boy of 10. William Blake is honored in the “Freedom of the Press” site which, in one of the “Hannibal Lector” films, “Red Dragon” (2002) the “Tooth Fairy” consumes an original drawing of, if I recall, which is also a tattoo on his person.

Years ago, a friend in Buffalo, NY at the residential College of Visual and Performing Arts within the University where I attended, had a friend who had some of the first color photographs of some of William Blake paintings, her acquaintence was working on a book of William Blakes's works. They were very interesting, but I imagine the originals much more impressive. Her husband was/is a child-abuse caseworker and photographer.

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