Thursday, December 25, 2008

Garlic Salt De-Icing Roads In Iowa

A number of years ago a New York State department gave an award for (to) an entry suggesting that we spread pepper on the roads instead of salt, which attracts many animals to the roadside where they become road hazards. The pepper would absorb solar energy and it "remains to be seen" whether it would work. Maybe this is a good idea, a natural additive, that perhaps would repel animals from the salt and the roadsides. I recall not too long ago the salt mines had, next to Lake Cayuga above Ithaca where Ralph Nader was once asking if cooling Cornell University by lake water was such a good idea, in Myers, NY, had flooded and collapsed. You can see the difference between the road map and the satellite images in Google Earth or others. Another source, then, if it could be found would be quite valuable to the Empire State. The one found near Letchworth State Park had two native American burials, which the Iroquois Council, when asked under the newer Federal guidelines, asked that they not be moved, about 1999, when the first Almshouse Cemetery in New York City Hall Park was impacted in renovation of the facilities and site. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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