Friday, November 14, 2008

Planetary Society

Dear George,

Several months ago, you entered a trivia contest in The Planetary Report. Well, we finally drew a winner, and it's you. Congratulations!

You sent me an address, so we know where to send your t-shirt, but I do need to know what size to send. Also, I'd like to know if you will allow us to publish your name and city in the next issue of the magazine. Since this is a privacy issue, we can only publish it if we have explicit consent, so please reply with your answer.

If I do not hear back from you, your name will NOT be published (you're still the winner, and you still get the prize).

Thank you for entering our trivia contest.

Best wishes, -Jennifer Vaughn, Director of Publications

Answer: Jerry Lynn Ross is a veteran of seven space shuttle missions, making him the record holder for most spaceflights by an astronaut a record he shares with Franklin Chang-Diaz.

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