Friday, August 02, 2013

Supreme Court Ethics Act Proposed In Response To Controversial Behavior By Justices Scalia, Thomas

I'm sure Charles Reich who served as Justice Hugo Black's clerk, when he wrote "The Greening of America" did not mean that they change the color of money and it become focus of ethics in the Supreme Court. I'm also sure that Chief Justice Roberts' wife who is also quite a legal scholar from the street I live on in the Bronx, in NYC, would also hope that the her husband's tenure is not marked by other justice's "shenanigans" leaving the "Roberts" court open to the criticism of cronyism and nepotism that once split apart the former colony of New Hampshire where the retired justice David Souter lives. The Wentworth government was recalled to testify to the King in London and the plaintiff, Peter Livius made a supreme court justice of Canada. After the American Revolution John Wentworth was a governor of Nova Scotia. As we have now a universal code of military justice, we should have a uniform code of ethics for justices, in my opinion.
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