Monday, November 10, 2008

Newsvine - Must it Always be About Sex? (That's Indecent!)

I was in a court case where a man and his woman (unbeknown at the time) were pulled over by an unmarked car by three plain-clothes police officers at about 3:00 am in a place called "Indian Village" in the Bronx (after its street names not its residences) and the officers read into the record the string of curses allegedly uttered by the defendant as they placed him under arrest, precipitated by not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. The 6 person jury sat through the three officers' "testimony" of those expletives the current Supreme Court is considering, though in a stream of consciousness one might be prone to out of the circadian rhythm, "transit umbra, lux permanet" when confronted with physical, that is bodily, detention and incarceration. I think we hung the jury when in review of the testimony there was never recorded that the defendant had ever been informed of his Miranda rights, the right to remain silent, etc. He had also been recently engaged to the woman who was in the car unknown to the officers. It was part of a former Mayor Rudolf Giuliani "safe streets" effort. We were implored not to visit the site in our deliberations by the judge. Newsvine - Must it Always be About Sex? (That's Indecent!)

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