Monday, November 10, 2008

Retro Futurism: John Cleese Explains Why The Compaq II Is Better Than A Dead Fish

The lot where the film "Batteries Not Included" was filmed (Spielberg) is in "Alphabet City" the lower east-side of Manhattan that used to be mostly shipyards filled in east of 1st Avenue so they were called Avenue A, Avenue B-D (2nd Ave. to the west) and was investigated archaeologically when a combination housing/housing police headquarters was proposed around the time of the Tompkins Square "riots". One of the things we found were "abolitionist coins" put in circulation to confound and remind people to outlaw slavery.

Where I worked, at 50 Trinity Place (recently demolished) in Manhattan, we had a Compaq I. It had color but on a green screen so it was shades of green. For storage we connected it to a Tallgrass external unit with a 20 meg hard-drive and a 20 meg tape drive, the Compaq had only 5 1/4" floppy disks. It was a business choice for the same $ amount an IBM XT with color graphics card and monitor once was ($5000). They were used in the inventory and reports of archaeology conducted in lower Manhattan, one site from New Amsterdam had the grandfather of Paul Revere and the warehouse of the ambassador ("Czech" the Dutch called him) from Maryland, Augustine Heerman who is sometimes credited with introducing the Dutch to tobacco, across from the former Induction Center on Whitehall that had millions of men pass through it for the armed services, also bombed a couple of times, now a steel and glass skinned athletic club. We worked on the site under greenhouse in the winter for Greenhouse Consultants no connection well yes but it's the guy's name. Thanks for the memory, the next computer was a Sperry. Retro Futurism: John Cleese Explains Why The Compaq II Is Better Than A Dead Fish

Ed. - Dr Who appears in Prime computer ads That's a good one he was one of my only "Doctor Who" to see here in the States. I saw his site online too, it was a shot in the arm. Over here I imagine the VAX computer similar to the Prime, quite a few of them at one time in the World Trade Center, at least the company Ebasco, a Texas based power plant designer had one in their Envirosphere division in quite a few upper floors. I ran around with a small crew digging holes in Fort Drum which has since geared-up for the Army 10th Mountain Division and deployment in "Southwest Asia" (Iraq and Afghanistan). I was researching North Creek, New York about 40 miles from the origin of the Hudson River (Tear in the Clouds) and stopped along the river in a state rest. There was a notice that the brown trout had telemetry on them, I suppose some small radio device and to please, if caught, release to help with the study. Closest I know of a fish with a computer, many read "Salinity Today".

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