Wednesday, March 05, 2008

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Please keep the book...

I once put the jacket back on right-side-up on one of Nabokov's books in a Bronx public library, a borough where Stanley Kubrick, film director of "Lolita" came from and I currently live, where also the US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts' wife is from. I read recently, thinking of monarch butterflies flying around West Point Academy that I saw testing Bull Hill and environs there for archeology, that he, V.N., is also known as a famous lepidopterist, or butterfly collector. I've also read he had the condition of "synesthesia" its been written, where words are colors, an experience that is difficult to sort out as alluded to in this article. As an example to others with it and as a beacon for study so to speak, it would be a shame to destroy "Laura" a further example, to look at it clinically, to understand our collective brains and its artistic creations, a loss to many perhaps.

When my father died, I read an obituary of Carl G. Jung's nephew or relation on Long Island, who held three or four patents and worked in the Third World, trying to improve the human condition there. I would hope like him, another reputation and cloud of opinion would not might convince Dmitri Nabokov to do something foolish. Consider all the brou-ha-ha over Sigmundus Freud's associate!

Slate -> The Fray -> The Spectator

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