Thursday, March 06, 2008

Secular skepticism

"Fearful that the Russians are fluoridating America's drinking water, General Jack D. Ripper unleashes a B-52 nuclear bomb attack on the Soviets, and a frantic president and joint chiefs of staff must somehow find a way to stop it. A pitch-perfect black comedy, DR. STRANGELOVE was nominated for four Academy Awards and ranked 39th on AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies-10th Anniversary." - Arclight Cinema - Sherman Oaks and Hollywood, California (no one will be seated after the feature film begins)


Comment: Exposed in anthropology to Roland Barth's early study in Pakistan, the "Swat Pathans" I have been dismayed over the militarism that has arrived over the years, partly over the theft of Afghanistan's treasury, before it destabilized and the USSR invaded, the Iran "hostage" situation, where we once had 4000 Grumman employees training the Shah's pilots for 80 F-14 fighter-bombers just before the Iran-Iraq war, the rise of the Tale(i)ban, which at one time was against the opium crop, reported now for it by the MSM (main-stream media, source?) which was replaced for awhile in Pakistan by the cash-crop producing the "sunblock" PABA, until it was found hazardous, (would be nice if botany could solve that) and generally the region became extremely dangerous after Kuwait would not sit down with Iraq over the oil reserves reported to be 80% in Iraq that Kuwait was pumping on their mutual "line in the sand" border drawn by the British in the 1920s. Our generalized solution of a "war on terror" is and has, in my opinion, to be too simplistic, and almost an excuse to avoid the extremely complex problems that could be more rationally discussed, without the "terror" umbrella and more with emphasis on terrafirma, the lands, in the understanding of the area. After all the Encyclopedia Britannica cites Iraq as in "southwest Asia".

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