Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comment on "Uncommoner Than Thou: Buckley, Part Two" - Dick Cavett's blog NY Times

I always read the "op-ed" side of Newsday's (once run by the brother of important author Isaac Asimov) editorial page and enjoyed Mr. Cavett's occasional column. He once wondered on a friend of mine, where he lives out on the east end of Long Island, on "Tick Hill" or something. I would like to congratulate him on restoring, it tragically (over 100 years old I think) burned down. My surfer friend had Mr. Cavett wondering what and why one Feb. or March. I played soccer with the surfer's brother tragically shot outside of "Dante's" over an argument (either over Marines or sports, home we were to one of the first JROTC in the US in Selden, NY named after a judge who was Susan B. Anthony's "character witness" at her trial Upstate for posing as a man to vote) and he had a surf shop in Hampton Bays. Hmmm. Mr. Cavett's article on Janis Joplin still has me wondering about a sighting in the Catskills of her (or someone that looked a lot like her) and Jimi Hendrix in house up there in 1968. I thought I saw him in a cafe in Woodstock, washing dishes nearby at Timber Lake Camp. WFB was an interesting guy and I thought he was very bold in his position on the independence of Panama, where my Irish stone-mason great-grandfather worked on the canal much later after the Brooklyn Bridge where they've had an Irish Appreciation Day after Monday.

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