Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Silver Streak in His Golden Years: Gene Wilder's Latest Novella - Huffington Post

A little creative anachronism or error I thought WWI "top Nazi spy" is that supposed to be "German" as my "Zum Zum" trained brain thinks they didn't arrive until after Adolf Hitler was shell-shocked in WWI? Zum Zum was Bavarian theme fast food franchise that once served at the PanAm building, on Washington Square, Montreal, and other locations. The one in the Smithaven Mall could not serve the "Hell" nor "Dunkel" (light or dark beer) and the owner was busy trying to bust the NY State Liquor Commission with crooked former FBI agents, a part owner in the now NYC landmarked "Four Seasons" restaurant, and a personal friend of four of the five borough DA's in NYC, a graduate of the Cornell School of Hotel Management. I think they do the "US Open" and museums now.

I enjoyed Gene Wilder in the sleuth role, a play within a play, from the 30s or 40s or so in Greenwich, CT on TV. I was once told it to be the home of the head of the American Communist Party. I still recall going to Kingston, NY to escape the heat of the summer camp dish-washing room in the Catskills, to see "The Producers" and having a fun time. I enjoyed the films he did with Richard Pryor they were also very good, and wish they could have made another buddy film.

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