Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hello Lou,

Enjoyed your reports. My godfather who just passed away, his wife was a French Jew whose family escaped to Morocco then to NYC, passed away recently. He met her at Tiffany's where they were both salespersons. Tiffany's is expanding with a number of stores nationwide and has invested I thought I read in the diamond mining in Canada near the Great Slave Lake region. Her grandmother, as a little girl, had her portrait painted by Renoir and is in the Louvre in Paris. It came here once to a private gallery, but I missed it. Fran├žois was a nice woman and her and Uncle Lou Myers spent time in France.

I was reading your posts at CBS and thought maybe someone changed (ah the Internet where you can never be too sure) this and I'm wondering if you meant "yoke" and it was mis-spelled in transcription or just an error. You'd be surprised. I pointed out a mis-spelled word at the Philip K. Dick site, "stores" that should be "stories" how long it can take to change some of this stuff. Then again maybe it's there on purpose the "proverb" -ial egg on the face also seems to be the norm of some of the politics these days why not the news?

"Without their own state, the Palestinians threaten to become a yolk of responsibility for the Israeli state that has governed their fate for the past four decades. If they demand the vote and get it the experiment of a Jewish state would end in under a century."

Sodom and Sodomy

"According to Gen. 18:20-21 and 19:24-28, Sodom was a city in ancient Palestine notorious for its inhospitality, wickedness, and corruption. Its destruction by God was held out as the example of the type of punishment that comes to those who neglect or sin against God. Sin was so great and widespread in Sodom that God could not even find ten righteous persons, who could have saved the city from total destruction."


(The Bible should be taught as literature, which is what William Blake thought I think.)

- Sent 1/12/08 to WCBS-TV reporter Lou Young in NYC in response to his post on his report on his part in the news team's web-site. See today: Tens of thousands cross downed Gaza wall It had been "tagged" with Robert Banksy graffiti art, (from Yate near Bristol, England whose Masons, it's reported, Christopher Columbus wrote to before setting out on his voyages of discovery) too.

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