Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bush Exempts Navy From Environmental Law - Topix

They should be honest. The Swedish Navy has a "Stirling engine" submarine that runs quieter than any in the world submerged and is/was in the process of helping design sonar to detect it by the US Navy. If that's what they need it for they should say so. Swedish inventor John Ericsson, a NYC Village resident, sailed into New York with a propeller driven boat while everyone was building paddle-wheels. He designed the "iron clad" USS Monitor built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, arguably the first cooperative piece-worked project by many companies during the American Civil War. He had been interred in the non-denominational Marble Cemetery until returned to Sweden and a statue of him had been proposed for Theodore Roosevelt Park. President Monroe was also there until the Virginia legislature requested he be moved to the Hollywood Cemetery just before the Civil War. Bush Exempts Navy From Environmental Law - Topix

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