Sunday, December 30, 2007

Re: Review: Mikhail Baryshnikov in 'Beckett Shorts' - Topix

I found this surprise at the New York Times Store: "Bertolt Brecht Typed Letter Signed About His Plays" for sale for $1,755. In German, he refers in it to Eric Bentley, who I met in a "Seminar in the Arts" part of a college in residential education in Amherst, NY in the NY State University in Buffalo, NY. I think it was "Antigone" that Eric Bentley was putting on at the Bouwerie Lane Theatre around 1999, when I was part of a cultural resources study there on the Bowery, New York City's original "theater district". Once part of a proposed Peter Cooper Square urban renewal plan to destroy 25 square blocks of the Lower Eastside in the early 1970s, the plan has dramatically changed, at least in effect, but not in title. ---------------- Listening to: Columbia University Orchestra - Dvorak - Symphony No. 9, III via FoxyTunes

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