Friday, December 28, 2007

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I agree, however, Ray Bradbury said that "Fahrenheit 451" was not about a "state" as much as it was about a situation taken up by individuals, he said recently. I agree we shouldn't be "fishing" celebrities out (I once saw Mr. Pete in a jumpsuit on stage from the back-door at the Stony Brook University gym, later graduated from there and was work-study security in that gym). However, we need more ways to get the people who have caused the injustice as much as prevent it from happening because it might always go on while there's a way. In other words whatever info is OK what I do is that, but if someone in "law" does it, it's currently OK. They just are reassigned or just hidden again...oops sorry. A double standard. If a former aforementioned university faculty member, assigned poet laureate of NJ, quotes in a poem, something he read in a newspaper about 9/11/01, is fired and dragged through the mud, it's OK, yet the source is never chastised or held up for public ridicule. The US Supreme Court just refused to hear his first amendment case, Amira Baraka, the author formerly known as Leroi Jones (a device used by many "white" authors publishing under a nom de plume?)

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