Saturday, December 08, 2007

Martin Lewis: Salute to John Lennon - Entertainment on The Huffington Post

Let's see...some John Lennon stories. A friend of the Guthrie's, a folk-singer who's played on the Clearwater at dock with a load of pumpkins in NYC's Seaport, said Mrs. Guthrie heard the terrible shots. Ironically, the FBI once followed John Lennon onto the State University of New York Stony Brook campus, wide-open then. We read Paul McCartney once flew over for pizza with John from his manager's place in Connecticut, where I researched, having the Marine JROTC in my high school, Newfield, the Army JROTC was in its early days. Last heard, they are in 20,000 secondary schools, mostly poorer, through-out the land. The John Lennon Museum in Japan has expanded, that's where for three years before this tragic anniversary John and Yoko and kids used to be quite a lot. That was after we heard, traveling in a limo from Montauk with Yoko's mom, to NYC often they might have thought of living in Bellport on Long Island. I'm sure like Paul, John would have been "chuffed" to hear Liverpool has been selected as an international center of arts and music, coming up, and the Beatles and what happened and continues to happen started by them has aided that, the former destination for many ships in the early years, from America's NYC Seaport to Liverpool, England with a stop in Setauket. "See you in Liverpool" was once a sailor's wish.

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