Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Osprey's Latest Test: Combat, Marines' Helicopter-Plane Hybrid With A Troubled Past Begins Missions In Iraq - CBS News

It might be considered the Marines "Bradley" that the Army started acquiring in the 1980s, I was part of the archaeology survey of Fort Drum, NY for the new cantonment of the 10th Mountain Division there. I recall a problem is that infantry stands behind tanks, and to force them out in front is very dangerous. The Bradley went out front and "armed to the teeth" could do what no troop could do including knocking out tanks. The Osprey, which I recently saw on the runway at Quantico on another survey, off the Iwo Jima Trail, is advertised as a special deployment, the ad I saw, hovering in an urban area with soldiers rappelling down from it by "rope" like the Army does sometime from buildings in nearby Watertown, NY. 

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