Sunday, November 04, 2007

Alec Baldwin: Let's Hope the Writers Get a Good Contract - Entertainment on The Huffington Post

Maybe we should see this as a sign of other effects on the film industry too i.e., actor/singer Danny Aiello is called before NYC and denied a legitimate business proposal for the use of the former once proposed US Navy "Homeport" on Staten Island for reuse for film post-production (which doesn't happen in NYC very often, though films are "shot" there); Robert DeNiro, with a similar proposal in or near the world-history significant Brooklyn Navy Yard, was chastised by the then Mayor Giuliani (who flew the state flag of Arkansas over City Hall visiting there contemplating a run for Senator against the then former First Lady, now Senator Hillary Clinton, a now illegal request); the tallest sound stage in New York state opened "out east" in the Hamptons, (blessed by Princess Thunderbird of the Shinnecock I think) has as far as I know, not attracted any major productions at "Pinewood West" (Pinewood "East" presumably in England, the cycle runs summer Hamptons, winter Hollywood); many film festivals have started locally, i.e., Stony Brook University, combined Long Island wine tasting and "Rocket Man", and the Hamptons film festival, all these factors point to perhaps something more than problems with "Hollywood" writers in the WGA. Once I asked for Iron Eyes Cody's autograph at the Choctaw pow-wow in Mississippi, who had recently lost his wife, (he played "Sitting Bull" and perhaps more remembered recently for the "crying Indian" seen watching the trash thrown onto highways in America) maybe it's again more over the politics of American history and its leadership. It seems the opportunity for writers in America, not just in the film industry, it's commentators and critics, might be the intended target.

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