Sunday, November 04, 2007

Giuliani Poised to Launch His Own Version Of The "Southern Strategy" - Politics on The Huffington Post

His re-election and second term was against the former Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messenger, an elderly woman politician, who did remarkably well against him. I think many had become upset with some of the things going on that became troubling issues, i.e., Yankel Rosenbaum, who bled to death on a gurney in the hospital with an unseen and untreated wound after what 50 minutes, became a call to divisive politics. There was secret taping of police in buy and bust operations that risked many officers lives for $5 and $10 in my borough the Bronx, where over one 4 week grand jury session I was presented as the foreperson with over 240 cases to swear and consider and sign as the non-anonymous citizen of record. Ballot issues were suddenly removed (medical marijuana) though described in the public voting guide. Great issue, perhaps, was made of the destruction of the so-called "Liberal Party" which failed to garner 50,000 votes yet the machines themselves have been ordered perhaps destroyed as a secret switch, though it affected no outcome per se according to the NY Post, was set and forgotten in some former "re-balancing" in voting agreed to by both major parties. And, oh yeah, the firemen are mad that he was more concerned with the gold in the bottom of the WTC in the Bank of Nova Scotia than the victims and remains above. Some like I in my opinion have somewhat different memories of the man put in charge of the cleanup of the anthrax letters contamination sent through the US Post Office.

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