Saturday, October 20, 2007

Newsday: State: Suffolk can't tap into the Lloyd Aquifer

Long Island is also known for its "recharge basins" or locally known as sumps, which are created to my knowledge by using a formula for the amount of ground to be covered by asphalt in a specific area and the small "percolation test" performed in a small hole on the property. The rate of "percolation" determines the "recharge basin" design which attempts to guarantee the recharge of the aquifer. While it I think was derived in the 1940s, it perhaps is obsolete. One might argue that the direct pollution of the aquifer is increased by the runoff from vehicles, driveways and yards surrounding the basin. A number of years ago the Army Corps of Engineers did a study of the possibility in an upcoming NYC water shortage crisis, which considered 20 deep wells out in the Pinelands and a pipe down the expressway, which was unacceptable the amount of water a proverbial drop in the bucket. The recommendation was a reorganization of the New England water grid system, many lakes in western Connecticut and Massachusetts are untapped resources not in use by anyone for drinking water. I'm glad a responsible protection of one of the number of aquifers under Long Island is being enforced.

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