Sunday, October 21, 2007

Harvey Wasserman: No Nukes is Back for a Green Armageddon - Politics on The Huffington Post

Growing up near the Shoreham nuclear power plant, costing over $2 billion and never went to full power (5%) on Long Island, NY next to Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe laboratory and would have been power transmitter I have had a few informants tell me things and I've read a few too.
1) The x-rays of the piping was reproduced, i.e., the same x-ray was used for multiple pipes
2) The crankshaft on the huge diesel generator, made in California, was cracked and THE reason the plant could not be brought online, touted by then Democrat Governor Carey as "the safest in the world" which would discharge and take water from the Long Island Sound, so could always be cooled...
3) No proper archaeological survey was done, though a recovery of the site after it was bulldozed was attempted
4) In the middle of construction an equal rights issue arrived and minority workers were hired onto the project
5) The costs of uranium ore (renegotiated by Westinghouse I recall) drove the final cost of the project through the proverbial roof and led to the demise of the utility LILCO (Long Island Lighting Company) to absorb its costs in what many upstanding citizens had invested in.
6) It was discussed to be a "test bed" for dismantling a nuclear power plant, something that had not yet been done and would provide a learning environment for the future tasks of many as they become obsolete elsewhere. I have yet to have heard of that program.
7) When all the utilities met in New York State to discuss the use of Hydro-Quebec (or Quebec-Hydro) electricity, and new power-lines, whose electricity generated from there is in surplus in the summer (primary use is in heating in Canada's winter, electricity from what was once then the world's largest hydroelectric power project built on James Bay, a part of Hudson's Bay) LILCO was the only utility in the state which thought it had capacity enough in the then currently being built Shoreham nuclear power plant and the planned Jamesport nuclear power plant, both on the east end of Long Island to say "no" to cooperating with the rest of the state of New York.

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